Hello 2016

“BABE!! I’ve just knelt in Charlie’s poo!”

“Did you see that!!….I just tripped over a Brussel Sprout!”
Just two of the comments from the last week of 2015. My average, yet fulfilling, and for the most part comical, life as a wife and a mum will be documented on this blog.

Hear about me dodging the dangers of baby poo, hazards of the supermarket, listen to my sleep deprived ramblings and  how i just about manage to get my family through each day.
So 2016 is here, and I’ve succeeded in resolution number 1 “start a blog”.

My other 2 resolutions:

* stop putting pressure on myself to raise my son the “textbook” way or comparing my parenting approach to others.

* make more time for myself. First I have to be happy and healthy if I want to make sure my family are happy and healthy also.


4 thoughts on “Hello 2016”

    1. same here, I’m terrible for it. Luckily my husband tells me off when he can see that I’m trying too hard and getting myself all worked up. Looking forward to following your blog, well done for taking the step to start one πŸ™‚ x


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