12 Days of New Year

In order to get me in to regularly writing on my blog, and to have a bit of fun, I’m going to do a “12 days of new year” challenge (my take on the 12 days of Christmas which is obviously a little late now). Starting Monday, I will complete a different challenge each day and post up the results on my blog page. So far my challenges are as follows (if you have any suggestions for the last two then let me know):1. Go a full day with NO CAFFEINE ☕️

2. Donate clothes, books, DVDs etc to charity.

3. Do something new.

4. Full day of eating WHOLE FOODS – no processed food whatsoever!

5. Try a new recipe.

6. Master a handstand.

7. Try an ICED coffee (never had one)!

8. Master a difficult yoga pose.

9. 50 push ups as fast as possible.

10. *to be decided

11. *to be decided

12. Go somewhere new for date night.


2 thoughts on “12 Days of New Year”

  1. This is such a good idea!
    Good on you for finding time to do all this with a little baby!
    Maybe an idea for your blank spaces could be to try an audible book? I’m gonna use my free first audible on the “calmer easier happier parenting” book. Looking forward to it. X


    1. Thanks I’m hoping I manage to complete all of the challenges, just thought it would be a fun way to start off the new year and the new blog.
      Good idea thankyou I will look into audiobooks I’ve never listened to one and I absolutely love reading. I’ve just finished reading Little Women again. Another suggestion I had for my blank day was to go a whole day “unplugged”, no phone, iPad, tv. Etc. X


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