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Day 1 | No Caffeine ☕️

It’s Monday 11th January 2016, 1pm: Currently in the kitchen making Charlie’s dinner. I have one foot on his walker to stop him moving because he keeps going to the drawers and pulling them open – need to start baby proofing. I’m trying to distract him by singing the word “Washing Machine” – his second favourite appliance after the microwave, I then spontaneously burst in to singing “washing machines live longer with Calgon!” Am I insane? Please tell me other mums act like this on a daily basis! And oh how I hate peeling butternut squash! Why does nearly every baby food recipe involve them!!
So today is the first of my 12 days of New Year. Today’s challenge…no caffeine. Is it wrong that I woke up dreading not having my morning coffee, it’s ALL I could think about! Am I addicted??

So I got up at 8am (thankyou Charlie for letting mummy have a lie in). After quite a struggle Charlie drank half of his bottle then I gave him his breakfast, and sprinkled some Cheerios on his table so that he would entertain himself while I ate my breakfast (a leftover Cinammon Swirl, yum yum!). All the while the only thing I could think was, “this would taste so much better with a hot cup of coffee”.

No! It’s only 9am, I can get through a day without coffee! So I loaded Charlie in to my arms and took him upstairs, popped him into his baby walker and lodged him into the bathroom so that I could have a shower. Feeling somewhat refreshed (in the absence of a lovely hot coffee….) I got us both dressed and then back downstairs for a cup of hot water with lemon and honey. I actually really love that drink so it wasn’t all bad.


By 11am Charlie was having his morning nap and I had successfully completed task number 1 on my to-do list: Have a shower. ✅ tick!

It’s now 8pm, Charlie has gone to sleep 10 minutes ago so I have my feet up. The rest of the day has gone really fast as usual and I haven’t actually given my lack of caffeine a lot of thought. I think it’s more of a comfort thing, having a nice hot drink, and seeing as I despise tea, coffee has always been my drink of choice. I’m sure I could get by on less caffeine than I do but I just enjoy it to be honest, and most of the times when I meet people it’s for a coffee. I have enjoyed having hot lemon and peppermint tea instead though. I’m hoping that I might get a better nights sleep tonight, I will report back tomorrow!

Tomorrows challenge: Day 2 | Donate clothes, books, DVD’s etc. to charity.




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