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Challenge Day 8 | Date Night

So mid-way through January I decided to do a “12 days of new year” challenge, for a bit of fun and to prompt me to consistently upload a blog. It started off well but the reality set in that with my 9 month old son to look after I was going to struggle to do the challenges in 12 consecutive days.

I never could have imagined how my life would change with having a child, I never thought that managing to feed and clothe myself and my son before 10am would be considered an achievement! I never appreciated why it takes parents so much time to step foot out of the front door! But it suddenly clicked on Sunday when, all my husband and I wanted to do was drive to the lake for a walk round – it took us 45 minutes to finally get in the car, then amongst other things we realised we had forgotten the pushchair, and then my husband’s wallet. We did well to remember Charlie who was happily strapped in to his car seat waiting patiently; then just as soon as we had got our sh*t together and were about to drive off….We heard the familiar sounds of “uh…..uh…..”; and turned around to see Charlie, red faced, having a poo! So it was back in the house to change him, and then when it came to putting him back in the car seat where he had been happy earlier, Charlie suddenly remembered he HATES his new car seat and wanted out immediately!!

These situations just have to be laughed at, we have found that you really can’t take yourselves seriously when you are a parent – I absolutely love being a mum, Charlie is 9 months old now and is such a pleasant and happy little boy. He currently loves the washing machine, Alan (our dog), Cheerios, Pointless, bouncing, giving kisses, and shouting bah bah bah at the top of his voice. I take him to baby group once a week and as he gets more used to the environment he is becoming a lot more relaxed. Yesterday I purposefully got there early so that he could settle in before the room filled with children, which seems a bit overwhelming for him. He definitely enjoyed himself yesterday, and I was proud of myself for being first there, and proud of Charlie for not having a poo on the way this time! Yes I definitely think that was the first time I arrived looking somewhat presentable and not like I’d just been picked up and dropped by a tornado.

I don’t want to jinx it but Charlie seems to be well settled in his routine now; up at 7am, bottle; 8:30am breakfast; 11am nap; 12:30pm dinner; 2:30pm bottle; 3pm nap; 5pm tea; 7pm bottle and bed. Now that those pesky top teeth are through ( making a total of 6 teeth he now has through), the nights have been a lot better. Within Charlie’s routine I am managing to squeeze in a couple of hot drinks, a couple of meals, some feet up time, housework and, if I’m really lucky, a shower! We have the health visitor coming next week and this time I’m going to be armed with a list of questions and things to discuss, instead of remembering things once she’s walked out of the door.

So the challenge for day 8 was to do something different for date night (which my husband and I have once a fortnight), and our something different was to go to dog racing at our local track. We got a cheap and cheerful deal which included entry, a pie & peas meal and a drink. The pie and peas were more satisfying than any posh meal we could have gone for. It was a lovely night, we stood out on the stands and placed a few minimum bets just for fun – didn’t win a thing! It was just nice to be out somewhere different, and I loved the perfect mixture of being in the cold air with a hot drink in my hands. It would have been so easy to just stop at home, slip into our pj’s and put our feet up in-front of the TV – but then that is what we do every night after Charlie is in bed. I definitely recommend pushing yourself to get out there and do something a bit different, no matter how tired you are.

So now I have 4 challenges remaining:

  1. Master a handstand – (may be a tad too ambitious this one!)
  2. Go a day “unplugged” – no phone, iPad, TV, radio.
  3. Master a difficult yoga pose
  4. *to be decided*



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