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My approach to fitness

Since becoming a mum I have had to be a little more realistic about the amount of times in a week that I can workout. I used to workout 4 or 5 times per week. Now it’s 2 or 3. I am still as motivated as ever and never see working out as a chore – however, particularly after a hard day or sleepless night, I do find it a struggle to get my butt in to the home garage gym or to the local gym.

How do I motivate myself?

I have my workouts scheduled in, always for a Tuesday, Thursday and a Saturday. Sometimes I workout when my son has gone to bed (around 8pm) but this I find is the hardest time to get motivated. Especially when it’s cold and dark I want to curl up in my dressing gown and read a book. To motivate myself, I simply get in to my workout gear. That is half the battle for me. I will have a pre-workout snack and that gets in my head that I need to workout and use that extra energy for good use. 

Is being healthy & working out worth it?

For me, transforming my physique isn’t necessarily about the end goal, it is about the will-power, confidence and mindset that you achieve whilst doing so. To start with I thought that once I was happy with how my body looked that would be it, but I have fallen in love with the fitness lifestyle and the positive impact it has on my life. I feel that I have conquered that part of my life – I am proud of my physique, however I am always striving to improve it. This has given me the confidence and motivation to improve other areas of my life. So i feel that devoting time and energy into yourself, you can improve other aspects of your life. 

My routine

I typically workout on Tuesday’s (lower body), Thursday’s (upper body) and Saturdays (full body & abs). 

As I have mentioned on my blog before I do not have a gym membership but I do have access to a local gym ad hoc as and when I can get there. For the rest of the time i use free weights at home.

One day per week I manage to get in to the gym, usually a Tuesday, which is lower body day. This Tuesday I had a great workout: here is the workout I completed.

  • Goblet squats
  • Glute kickbacks
  • Leg press 
  • Leg curl 
  • Leg extension 
  • Abductor 
  • Walking lunges w/ kettle bells

I aim for muscle growth at the moment so I use moderate weight, performing 12-15 reps for 3 sets. I choose a weight that I can perform for 12-15 reps with the last 2 or 3 reps being pretty difficult.

In my opinion it is so important to warm up properly and to do mobility work, to prevent injury and to improve performance by preparing the muscles. Before each of my workouts I foam roll the body part that I will be working, I then do active stretching rather than static to warm up the muscles and joints. 


With regards to pre-workout, I like to get at least one good meal in me a couple of hours before training. Then 45minutes before training I take in some “fast-acting” carbs. Sometimes fruit (banana, blueberries, strawberries) or sometimes I’ll have a bit of a treat and have a pop-tart or Rice Krispie square. 

I also like to have a coffee an hour before training – I never use actual pre-workout drinks so coffees work just fine for me.


After the gym I either down a whey protein shake (either Cellucor, MyProtein or Dymatize) or eat a Quest protein bar. I absolutely loooooove Quest products. 

My actual post-workout meal usually consists of a carbohydrate source eg. Rice, bread or pasta, a protein source – chicken, tuna or minced beef, and a moderate amount of fat. I like to take in healthy fats such as avocado or extra virgin olive oil.


This is just a brief overview of my weekly training routine. I will be posting more regularly about my specific workouts and nutrition. 


8 thoughts on “My approach to fitness”

  1. Having a schedule is so important to help maintain a routine:) I love your mindset! It is definitely about confidence and building strength from within. Thank you so much for participating in Move It Monday and feel free to participate every week! We all provide a bit of boost to each other to keep on moving!

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