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Strive For Simplicity






I came across this quote today and really liked it. As I get older I definitely find myself striving for simplicity, in all areas of my life. Over-complicating things can lead to an undesirable result; by keeping things simple you can stay focused on each task in hand. This can be applied to any area of life, whether it be relationships, parenthood, the gym, business, daily chores….for me, simplicity allows me to focus. And focus is so important for getting things done.

i have previously talked about how over-thinking and over-complicating things often leads me to shy away from completing tasks. So how do I strive for simplicity? Here are a few examples. At the start of each day I write down the tasks that I want to complete that day, and they are as simple as “have a shower, bath my son, go for a walk, Hoover, Cook batches of food for my son, send a work email, check the bank”. All very mundane, simple tasks, but I find that keeping a list of simple tasks helps to keep my focus and I take pleasure in ticking each one off. In the gym, I keep workouts simple, I don’t go looking for new innovative ways to get a six pack in a week, or lose a stone in 5 days; I just stick to the simple movements that have been tried and tested for years, and I stay consistent.

I also look for pleasure in simple things – a sunny day, a beautiful flower, a smile from a stranger, a nice hot coffee. Every one of life’s simple pleasures can make your day more enjoyable, and every one of those enjoyable days adds up to an enjoyable week, month, year, and life.

Focusing on positivity is vital for maintaining a “can-do” attitude. Life is tough, things worth having don’t come easy, and when certain situations present themselves, a negative attitude can greatly hinder your progress in life. Be positive, try new things, believe that things will turn out right in the end, look for the positives in every situation.

When I think of finding value in authenticity, I immediately think of relationships with other people – friends, family, partners etc. Authenticity can be applied to many different things but relationships are what come to mind for me. During some of the biggest life events you can truly find out who your friends are; whose friendship and support is authentic. I try to shy away from people who I can sense are not genuine. I am more concerned with having just a handful of close, genuine friends, than having many acquaintances whose authenticity I cannot judge. I also strive to be authentic, I don’t try to be anything that I am not. When I was younger I tried to fit in by acting a certain way but deep down I knew that it wasn’t me. Now that I am older I see the true value in being who you are – there is only one you, you are already authentic.

Be present – this is so difficult in this day and age what with all the technology, social media etc. I myself struggle to be present; I constantly think about the future and sometimes the past. While self-reflection and forward planning are important for progression, it is also vital to realise that time is something you cannot get back. That is why it is so important to “be in the moment”. Be grateful for what you have right now.

And hustle – always strive to become a better version of yourself. It’s you versus you.


5 thoughts on “Strive For Simplicity”

  1. I love this! So many great messages in one post. I try to find pleasure in the simple things in life and to remember to look for them and be mindful of how many of them are all around me, but in the craziness or life it’s easy to forget. I find that when I am taking more moments in my day to acknowledge the amazing things around me, I am truly more satisfied and happier in my life.

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    1. Thankyou – I’m finding as I get older that it is so important to appreciate the small everyday things that we take for granted. They won’t be there forever and time isn’t something we can ever ask to have back. I’m really working on “being present” I’m so guilty of being distracted by my phone and social media that sometimes I forget to appreciate the moment that I am living in. I’m glad that you are taking steps that make you happier and more satisfied πŸ™‚


  2. So many things right here, but “be present” is my favorite. In a world where mega-multi-tasking is the expectation, it feels harder than ever (and matters more than ever!) to tune in. Thanks for the reminder.

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    1. I am so guilty of being distracted by my phone and forgetting to appreciate the moment that I am living in. I am definitely working on being more present, especially now that I have my son – it’s too easy to take videos and photos to show other people what he is doing when I should be appreciating that I’m seeing him first hand, if that makes sense!

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      1. It makes perfect sense! Three or so years ago, I did a presentation at work about being in the moment. The thought process was borne from a concert I’d attended. I was losing my mind being in the front row seeing my favorite band, and a ton of people around me were recording every song on their phones. I was like, “THEY’RE RIGHT THERE!!” so totally in the moment, but so many around me were saving it for later. It made me aware of celebrating this moment, right here, right now. I’m not 100% cured of my distractions by any means, but I can say that I’m aware of my distractions, and sometimes that is enough to give me the push I need.

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