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Be The Greatest

It has been a week since I last blogged – not because of writers block but because it has been quite a week. First off I came down with a cold, something that I never used to suffer from but since having Charlie I come down hard with them. So I haven’t really been doing anything exciting or productive. Secondly, my mother in law suffered a massive heart attack a few days ago. Thankfully she pulled through and is doing well in hospital, hoping to come home soon. My mum and dad were brilliant and looked after Charlie while we travelled back and forth to the hospital over the weekend.

I always say that time is precious, it is something that we need to make the most of because it is the one thing in life that there is no way of getting back. The events over the last few days have really brought this home to my husband and I. We are always so busy looking after Charlie, working, worrying about bills, housework etc, and it is so easy to forget to take the time to notice and appreciate the people that are around you. Family is everything, without family and friends there is no point to the things that we do. Life is so fragile, we are not guaranteed a certain number of days. It is up to us to make use of the time that we have, don’t put things off, stop looking for excuses not to do things. Without self-improvement we remain stagnant. Without self-improvement we are not fulfilling our true potential, and we are therefore not giving those closest to us the best version of ourselves. EVERYBODY has the potential to be better in some small way. Small actions each day add up to self-improvement overall.

I have never been more aware of how lucky I am until this weekend. I have my close family and friends around me, always there when I need them. I owe it to myself and to them to show them that I am working towards my full potential. I have a vision of where I want to be in 5 years time, and I know the small, slow steps that I need to make to work towards that goal. Most of my family and friends don’t know about my vision, what I do out of sight, the work that I am putting in while I am on my career break. My vision is by no means a large one, but it is personal to me and it is something that I want to to achieve in my life. Somebody else with the same goal might be working towards it in a different way, they might achieve it faster than me. But their circumstances and my circumstances are completely different. It is no good to compare yourself to others in any area of your life. You work with what you’ve got, you work to become better than you were yesterday. You work to become the greatest version of yourself that you can be.

With that said, here is my list of things to do today, and I WILL complete all of them and I will get satisfaction from doing so. After the week we have had I am glad to be getting back to some normality. As you can see they are no major tasks, but small actions each day add up.



2 thoughts on “Be The Greatest”

    1. Lol I just use the ankle strap and attach it to the cable machine, another gym I sometimes use has an actual glute kickback machine which is good. The ankle strap isn’t always there so I may buy my own and take it with me. They are such a good exercise πŸ™‚ x


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