1st Birthday Preparations | What I Wasn’t Prepared For

So in two weeks time my son turns one! I cannot believe how fast this year has gone. I still think of him as my baby but it is starting to sink in that he’s a little boy, he’s getting more and more independent, he has his own personality, and is no longer a “newborn”. When did he switch from “newborn” status to being a little boy? It’s happened before my eyes yet I never really noticed it until now. 

While Charlie is having his nap I am sat reading “The Unmumsy Mum” – a hilarious and honest book about life as a mum. 

The UnMumsy Mum

This book can make you laugh and cry. It really makes you reflect on the highs and lows of becoming a mum. The first few months were the hardest of my life. When I look back at old photos I feel a slight sadness that I wasn’t in the best frame of mind to fully appreciate and enjoy those first months. From talking to other mums I know that I am not alone. But I wasn’t prepared for the emotions that I would feel as we approach Charlie’s first birthday. As tough as the first months were I wish that I could go back to that time, to experience the first days and weeks of having Charlie in our lives. I can still remember every detail from the day he was born. 

And finally, last night, for the first time ever in my life, I watched an episode of One Born Every Minute. Until now I have never dared! I didn’t want to know what I was letting myself in for, and I am a bit squimish. But last night I watched it, I finally felt ready, and it had me in tears! Again, I think the impending 1st birthday is reeking havoc with my emotions. I literally sobbed every time a baby was born on the show. It really shows what a magical event birth is.

One Born Every Minute

A few days after Charlie turns one we are going to be re-visiting the IVF clinic that treated us and helped us to conceive our beautiful son. I am preparing myself for an emotional day.

So on with the preparations for the big 1st birthday! We haven’t gone crazy on presents, apart from a trike and a couple of toys we mostly bought essentials that we would have been needing to buy anyway.  


When Charlie has gone to bed on the eve of his birthday I plan on setting up an area in the living room where we will put his gifts. In the centre I am going to sit his highchair which we will decorate with bunting. We are having helium balloons, a huge bow on the trike, birthday banners and I will be baking and decorating the cake. 

I am so excited for the day to arrive, but at the same time I am very emotional about it – something that I wasn’t prepared for. Can I still blame post-pregnancy hormones a year on??? I still blame “baby brain” for when I’m forgetful or do silly things πŸ™‚


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