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A Complete Break | Life Updates

A little over three weeks ago I made the decision to allow myself to take a break. A break from tracking my food, a break from working out, a break from Blogging, a break from my online nutrition course. It’s not that I don’t enjoy all of these things, but I think that I can be guilty of taking too much on. I’m ambitious, I want to achieve things, but sometimes I can be in too much of a rush to get somewhere. I don’t know why this is but it can lead to me taking too much on at once, which in turn causes me to not live in the moment and appreciate what I have right now.

My husband and I were trying to conceive for 3 years and had to go through IVF in order to have a child. Now that I have been blessed with a gorgeous son who is growing up so fast, I would be crazy to do anything other than cherish and live every moment with him. We took the decision that I would take another year off work so that I could be home with Charlie. The problem is, without having work to get up for every day, I kind of feel a little….unproductive, I’m not even sure if this is the word. I kind of feel like I have lost my worth, like others would judge me for not going to work. And it is strange that I should feel this way because I generally don’t listen to people’s negativity. But for myself, I have felt that being busy and achieving things whilst taking time off work gives me more purpose. But I have really been grinding myself down, to the point where I have been taking for granted how amazing it is to be a parent.

So I took the decision, in the run up to Charlie turning one, to have two complete weeks of focusing on family and home life. And I feel so much more refreshed for doing so.

Charlie’s birthday week was amazing, we are out almost every day, we went for walks, we had time with family, we went to the zoo, daddy came to Music Bugs with us, and we returned to the clinic where we underwent IVF treatment. That day was so special, we were able to introduce Charlie to the nurse that was in charge of our care for the few months that the process took. It was an amazing feeling and it kind of felt like we could draw a line under that part of our life and look to the future enjoying life as a family. 

Taking a break from it all gave me a renewed passion for all the things that I do. So it was definitely worth taking time off. 

As I get back in to my normal routine I want to really have a think about what sort of content I am going to be posting on my blog. I do have some ideas and I definitely will be writing about our IVF experience. 

For now though I just wanted to check back in and break the writers block. 


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