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Appreciate your closest friends. People are what matter.

I recently listened to somebody saying how important one of his closest friends was to him. How he was always there when he needed him, whether that be just to talk to or to help him moving house or to sort out getting his motorbike looked at; this friend would always go out of his way to help him. And to show that his friendship hadn’t gone unnoticed he bought him a gift. For no other reason than to show him how much he appreciated his friendship. It made me think how important it is to never take things or people for granted. Take a moment to appreciate the close friends that you have and think about what you love about them. Everyone’s lives are challenging and busy in different ways, but it is those small number of people you can always count on that truly need appreciating the most.

With this thought in mind, I wanted to take a moment to write a little something about my 5 closest friends and reflect on what it is that I love about them. I can’t afford gifts so a special blog post will have to do πŸ™‚ For no other reason than to appreciate them, and to tell them things I have never said to their faces. I don’t have a particular “friend group”, each of my close friends came in to my life at different stages and I see them individually. I won’t use their names in case they didn’t want to be identified, but I will use their initials so that if/when they read this they will know who I am referring too. 

“K”: my longest friendship – our mums met when we were just toddlers. I see her more as the sister I never had. I love this friend because of the way that she can always make me feel that I am still a little girl at heart.She is mature when and where it matters, but the rest of the time she is giggly, excitable and is still the same teenager who would distract me in class by just generally being silly. She has the ability to make me laugh about all of the responsibilities and hardships we face in adulthood. She also has the ability to keep me excited about Christmas all year long by constantly reminding me how many days it is until Santa arrives. I love that she turns up at my house and gets in to her pyjamas, and then drives home in them. I love that I can always say anything to her without being judged and she will always give me her honest opinion. We don’t see each other as often as I would like, but I cherish all the time that we spend together and know that I have a friend for life. 😘

“H”: my glamorous outspoken friend. This is another friend from school (high school). She moved in to the area and started at my school mid-way through. In our late-teens we would go out round town getting in all sorts of trouble and mischief. On paper we probably sound completely different, I was always naturally shy and quiet, “H” was always loud and confident. We stayed friends in to adulthood, with a couple of spells of not being in touch, but it always felt like we had never been apart. I admire the way that she was always ambitious, she wanted her own business and she now has more than one! I wish I had her guts and confidence. She can talk the talk and walk the walk. She has two gorgeous children, she is an amazing mum. I remember when her son was little and I would go round and marvel at the way she was batch cooking all of his meals and sticking them in the freezer. Being a mum seemed to come so naturally to her. I remember thinking how I wanted to do the same with my son or daughter when I had one. I love how opinionated she is, she can construct an argument, she is knowledgeable, ambitious, funny and at times leaves me speechless with some of the things that come out of her mouth. I’ve never told her just how much I admire her for what she has achieved and because she has always stayed true to who she is. 😘

“L”:  we met roughly 10 years ago when we were training as volunteers. We started socialising outside of the training class and soon became firm drinking buddies. We had some great nights out, some of them are a little fuzzy and difficult to remember; shows what great times we had! Things are a little more reserved these days as we mostly meet for a coffee and to do a spot of shopping. We met because of a shared career and I love her ambition and the way she has an idea of where she wants her career to take her. She trained in other areas, she studied for qualifications outside of work. I love that she has travelled to so many places in the world and is keen to see what is out there beyond our little corner of the world. We share a love of fitness, but while I stick to the gym and home workouts, she gets out there running half marathons, doing obstacle course type challenges, climbing etc. I have always loved the way that she gets stuck in to new challenges with confidence and loves things that are a little different and out of the ordinary. 😘

“S”: I met this friend at work around 10 years ago. We stayed in touch when I left and would go out socialising pretty often. She always makes me laugh, she is totally wacky and hilarious. She has an incredibly good memory and likes to remind me of stupid things I said 10 years ago! She’ll know what I mean! She has two gorgeous sons and we now meet for play dates pretty frequently. She introduces me to nice tea rooms, places to do lunch and good places to take the kids. Although we don’t see each other too often our friendship has always been constant. I love her wackiness, her sense of humour and she gives the best cuddles! 😘

“T”: this friend is like a surrogate mum. I’m sure she won’t mind me saying that she is actually old enough to be my mum. We met at work a few years ago and she has been one of my closest friends ever since. She was there when I was planning my wedding, when I got married, she witnessed my 2.5 stone weight loss, she was there when I was going through the IVF process and throughout my pregnancy. We often say how it’s amazing the amount of major life events I crammed in to a couple of years, and given that I worked with her I spent a huge percentage of my time with her. She is the most generous, selfless person I know. She goes out of her way to spoil people, she is hilarious, she never shuts up, she speaks her mind and she always goes out of her way to help other people. After seeing me lose weight doing “insanity” she did it herself, and I was astonished at the commitment she made! When she puts her mind to something she really sees it through. I love her generosity and selflessness the most. She is always there when you need her (except for when she is in another country….which is often :-)), she welcomes me, my husband and my son in to her family and I feel privileged for that. 😘

So they are a few things about my 5 closest friends. Writing this has actually been really therapeutic for me, it’s not often that I take time out to really think about what good friends I have and what I love about them each individually. It’s easy to just take them for granted. We meet for coffees or go out for tea, we exchange text messages and comment on our Facebook pages, but I have really found it worthwhile to think a little deeper and reflect on what I love about my closest friends.


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