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July | Finding Balance | Slow progress

So it’s August already, where is time going. July was a really good month for us, very busy and lots of fun. Charlie developed so much over the last month, he’s 15 months old now and in July he started walking independently. It’s so good to see his independence growing. He seems to have picked up lots of new skills all at once, like stacking blocks and cups, putting lids on things, feeding himself with a fork, figuring out how to use various toys and put different shapes in to the windows. It’s so rewarding to see.

We’ve enjoyed doing lots of family things in July, going for walks, picnics, eating out together, visiting family. It really has been a lovely month. I allowed myself a bit more relaxation time, which was one of my New Years resolutions all those months back. I’ve recently cut back on my training and not been so strict with tracking my macros and enjoying the odd indulgence here and there. It’s also been nice to sit out in the garden with a glass of wine on an evening when Charlie’s gone to bed. 

I just haven’t seemed as motivated to train in July. It partly had something to do with finding out I have a hernia in my stomach, so I didn’t want to be risking making it worse. Also I’m still suffering with a tendon issue in my wrist – I’ve not been wearing my support as I should buy I’m really struggling to get used to it. On top of that I’ve had a blocked ear which has been causing me to have headaches. And also, to be completely honest, lately I would rather put my feet up and read a book than to get in the zone and have an effective workout. I do believe that doing something is better than doing nothing, and chipping away at it and being consistent is what gets results over time, but I really need to be able to zone in and get hyped up about my workouts otherwise I don’t feel like I’ve worked as hard as I could have.

Welcome to my gym…….. 

I’ve read so many books in July. Some by my favourite authors Val McDermid and David Baldacci. I’ve also been introduced to two other authors who I really enjoy; Milly Johnson and Michael Robotham. I’ve been reading a few chapters before bed every night and it’s helping me to switch off and get a good sleep. Also Charlie’s doing amazing with his sleeping, only having the odd night where he wakes up but I put that down to his teething

So all in all July was a nice relaxed, family orientated month. Also in this month i tried a strict budget of just £50 per week for food, petrol and the odd coffee. We still have two weeks left on the budget but we are doing amazingly well! By shopping mostly at Aldi and working out our meals for the week I’ve been able to make sure we only get the essentials. We won’t be living on £50 per week long term, I just wanted to really rein it in this month and start on an even footing next pay day. I also wanted to see if it could be done and it most definitely is doable. So I’m confident that £75 a week is more than enough for us to live on. 

Bill paying book – payment name, date and amount.

Bill folder – all the paperwork relating to each bill, separated by dividers. Also lists renewal dates to remind when to check on uSwitch dor the best deals.

An absolute must is to have a bill paying book and folder, and to check on sites like uswitch to see that you are getting the best deal on bills etc. I treat our family finances like a job and it really does help us stay on track, to keep our finances in order which has allowed me to be on a career break. 

(Full name edited out)

In July I started back up with my nutrition course and I have completed it! So I can add that to my Fitness Instructor qualification – both I have achieved whilst on a career break. I had put the course on hold for a couple of months, again because I was lacking the motivation and I was just enjoying my family time and seeing Charlie develop. I think that I pushed myself so hard for the first few months of the year that I just burned out. I was working out 4 or 5 times per week, Blogging regularly, doing my coursework. I kind of felt like I had to be busy to prove I wasn’t just being a lazy stay at home mum. But truthfully, and this will come as no surprise to those of you with children, being a parent is bloody tiring! It’s full time, you can never ever switch off, and it’s also fulfilling to see your little one growing and developing. And it happens so quickly as well, so you don’t want to miss out on cherishing time with them. 

I was so busy trying to juggle everything that I totally lost interest for a few weeks. And I am guilty of being too hard on myself. Last week I worked out on Sunday then on Tuesday I swam for 45 minutes, then on Saturday I did a workout. But I kind of felt that wasn’t enough and I should have done at least one other workout! But I am physically active even when I’m not working out. Some days I do a couple of thousand steps, other days I do between 12,000 and 14,000 steps! And being physically active is just as good for you as doing a specific workout. So I don’t know why I’ve been so hard on myself but it led to me losing the ambition or the drive to put my book down and get up and workout. 

So Monday marked the start of a new month, and already in those few days I’ve had a really good workout, I’ve finished my Nutrtion course, and I’ve written this blog. All whilst still putting my feet up and reading before bed, and spending lots of time having fun and playing with Charlie. I am excited to see what August has in store, I only have 3 more weeks left of my 20’s before I hit the big 30! 


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