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What A Start To 2017 | Last Day Of January | A Tight Budget


Remember those resolutions you set yourself just a mere 4 weeks ago? Did you start the year strong? Did you take action to work towards your goals? Did you make the changes that you told yourself that you would? If yes then well done and keep it up! If you answered “no” then why not make a change now and take action, no matter how small.

Personally my January has been jam packed with things, I have been making plans and having meetings regarding a mum’s fitness class that I am setting up. I have started building a website. I became an auntie. We finally had a carpet laid in the conservatory and turned it into a playroom. I have been weight training consistently in anticipation for the time I will need to take off after my impending hernia operation. My husband and I have had 2 “date nights” and I have been making more of an effort to “switch off” on an evening and relax.



This month I became a keener ‘budgeter’. As we are currently a one income family, and like most people we spent a fair bit over Christmas and New Year, I had to seriously tighten our budget. I searched online for cheap family meal ideas and ways to spend less on food shopping. For the last two weeks I have managed to feed my family (2 adults, a toddler and a dog) for £50-£55, which I am hugely happy with.


Also this month I have been making an effort to have music on in the house (Charlie absolutely loves music) and to listen to audiobooks and podcasts. I absolutely love reading and learning, I have found that podcasts are amazing! You can literally choose a topic that you want to know about, and you can be certain that somebody will have set up a podcast about it. I listen to podcasts about nutrition, fitness, parenting and motivational ones that give tips on living a fulfilling life and working towards your goals.  



I don’t know if it’s becoming a mum that has changed my perspective or if it is naturally changing as I become older, but I appreciate how much time is valuable to us. It is something that we can’t get back. And I am a strong believer that we are more likely to regret things that we haven’t done than the things that we have done. So keeping that in mind I am trying every day to do something ‘productive’ whether that relates to my family, household, fitness, diet or working on my website/blog/fitness class.

I am actually due to return to work in April but I have applied to have another year off. I absolutely love being a stay-at-home mum and I cherish my time with Charlie because he is growing up so fast. It’s funny because I have actually had a couple of people say to me wouldn’t I rather go back to work for some ‘routine’ and structure. And for some reason I have found myself agreeing and saying “yeh I think I’m getting ready to go back to work now”. But in all honesty, this is far from the truth and I have only agreed because I think it’s what they want to hear. I have routine and I have structure, because I have created it. I am sure that many people would find it hard to be disciplined when you are completely in charge of your time. And it is hard, there are times when I put Charlie down for his nap and I just collapse on the sofa and have a real struggle to get up and do something. But I am a motivated individual and I hate to think that I am not getting the most out of my time. I strongly believe that it is at those times when you are feeling tired and don’t want to move off the sofa, that if you are able to pick yourself up and do what needs to be done, you will feel accomplished and its sets you up to get into the habit of being productive.

Just Around The Corner

I feel like I have got the year off to a good start. In three days time I am having a hernia operation and so I won’t be able to do any lifting or driving for a while. I plan on using this time to do some work on my website and my blog. I also hope to have the Mum’s fitness class up and running mid-February too (depending on how my recovery is going).

So February is just around the corner and I hope everybody can keep up the momentum of the new year, or if January wasn’t as productive as you would like, then use the start of a new month to get you going. Always be working on improving yourself and becoming the best YOU that you can be.











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