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Well Mummy | Summer Shredding


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Today I have launched my website

On the site there is information about nutrition, how to plan and schedule your workouts, finding what works for you. I have also included some posts from my Facebook page in which I suggest ways in which to save money on weekly food shops by planning your meals in advance. I draw on my experience of losing weight (I was previously 11 stone 8 lbs), and also what I have learned through gaining qualifications in fitness instructing and nutrition.

I have spent the past 2 months creating the site, completely on my own. The aim of the website is to show that weight loss can be achieved in a slow, gradual and healthy manner. By making small changes to diet and nutrition, being aware of what you are taking in and what you are burning off each day, you can SLOWLY and SUSTAINABLY lose weight.

My goal has always been to have a healthy lifestyle that is MAINTAINABLE. Working out shouldn’t be a punishment, it should be enjoyable, and people should find what they enjoy doing if they are to have any chance of sticking to it. As people will see, I eat “normal” family meals, I allow myself treats; nothing is out of bounds, I don’t ever feel like I am ‘on a diet’.

Diets shouldn’t be about depriving yourself, they should fit in with your daily life and allow you still eat things that you enjoy. The saying “moderation not deprivation” is very true in my opinion.

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On the 5th March I also started my 8 week weight loss phase. This will be fully documented on the Well Mummy website, with weekly weigh ins, progress photos and re-caps of the weeks nutrition and workouts.

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I am coaching myself through this weight loss phase, aiming to lose 1-1.5 pounds per week. I will be doing all of my workouts at home (except for some Tuesdays when I am able to go to a local gym). I want to show that fat/weight loss is achievable in a slow and sustainable manner that fits in with family life.



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