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Charlie’s almost TWO! | Feeling Broody

Where has the time gone, it seems like only yesterday we arrived home with our little bundle of joy, faced with the task of figuring out how he worked. In just 30 days my “baby” will be TWO!

Unfortunately Daddy has to work on his actual birthday but we plan on making up for it the weekend after. We’re thinking a trip to the zoo or a petting farm (Charlie absolutely loves animals), followed by dinner out with his grandparents.
When it comes to presents, we are not going crazy this year – our house already looks like an overspill branch for Toys R Us.

Cake for breakfast on Charlie’s first birthday πŸŽ‚

My plan is to decorate his bedroom. It needs to be less nursery-like and more toddler. The walls are going to be a light grey with white skirting board and door frame. I’m going to put up some decorative bits on the wall and bring colour in to the room with accessories. We’ve also looked at a new storage unit from IKEA that will add a bit of colour. We are going to take this opportunity to turn the cot in to a bed – bring on the inevitable getting out of bed and standing at the baby gate every night.

Last year I baked Charlie a birthday cake and decorated it in a Thomas the tank engine theme. This year I am being extra ambitious and adding another tier! I’m going for a Peppa Pig theme this time because it’s his current favourite. I’ve started planning early because last year it was a mad rush and I ended up paying ridiculous amounts on postage to get the tiny Thomas figures delivered on time.

Charlie’s 1st Birthday Cake

I’ll be sure to blog about the birthday preparations and the room transformation next month.

Saying goodbye to the nursery brings me on to my next topic – I am so unbelievably broody 😳 I don’t know if it’s the fact that Charlie is getting older or that we’ve welcomed a couple of babies in to our family recently, but I am definitely ready to start trying for another baby.

It is strange knowing that we have 3 embryos frozen at the IVF clinic, and that we could potentially struggle to conceive naturally as we did when we tried for Charlie. But it does add a bit of a ‘safety net’ feeling and so I am hoping the pressure we felt last time isn’t so prevalent. From having an IVF baby I have learned that it doesn’t matter how you achieve the end result, getting help doesn’t mean their is something “wrong” with you.

It’s amazing how things change – I was adamant that I wouldn’t want another child after we were so lucky to have Charlie. But it just seems such a shame not to bring another child in to our home – our home that can provide such love and security. For me, what life boils down to is family and happiness. When you strip everything back, those two things are what give a fulfilling life.

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