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Compassion and passion, two traits that I value most and that I try to exhibit every day. 

With recent tragic happenings in the news, one thing that stands out about the response of the majority, is the presence of compassion. Compassion for neighbours, for strangers and for fellow human beings. Events may not effect us personally but showing compassion towards others in times of need is such a powerful thing. 

Passion (noun) : powerful feeling; extreme interest in or wish for doing something. 

In my opinion, finding things in life to be passionate about brings happiness and a sense of fulfilment. Life is a gift and there are so many amazing things to do and experience in this world. We have the ability to learn, to experience different things, to share this with others and to create a life that we enjoy. We ha w the ability to decide what to do with the time that is given to us, and a life lived with passion is sure to be a fulfilling life.

As a parent, these two traits are what I aim to instil in to the next generation. 


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