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Mums’ Team | Why I Think It’s Brilliant

The Mums’ Team project is run by Yorkshire Sport Foundation in South & West Yorkshire. It aims to get more people active by recruiting the help of volunteers who are mums. The idea is that mums will inspire other mums, friends & family members to take part in sporting activities and be more physically active. There is also the hope that from their involvement in the project, more women will be inspired to take on coaching roles, with the scheme also providing help to complete qualifications. 

I came across the project early this year when I was searching the Internet for local volunteering opportunities. My passion lies in fitness so I was looking at ways I could give my time to helping at local sports clubs. I somehow stumbled across the Mums Team project on Yorkshire Sports website. After emailing for more information I met with the Development Officer who supports the running of the project. 

I successfully applied for and received some funding from the scheme, I used this to purchase some equipment and I set up a weekly fitness class. I also used the funding to pay for hiring a venue every Saturday. The mums who come along to the class are ladies I met at my sons’ baby group, as well as some mums who saw my advertisement on the local Facebook forum. We get together and do an hour of HIIT training. 

Four months on and I am still delivering the classes. Attendance has been up and down, the classes are held on a weekend which doesn’t suit everybody and sometimes the venue is needed for other things. However I feel that the class has been a success for several reasons. It has allowed different women to get together, meet new people and socialise as well as being active. Some of the ladies have been inspired to get involved in other different activities such as running and going to the gym. Some of them are also now considering becoming a Mums’ Team volunteer themselves.

On a personal level, I thoroughly enjoy delivering the classes. It has given me a chance to meet new people, encourage other mums to work on their health & fitness and to pass on the importance of taking time out to look act yourself. As mums we are so focused on looking after our families health and happiness, and sometimes we overlook our own health, both mental and physical.

Now I am a Mums’ Team mentor, which means that I am responsible for encouraging other mums to set up activities and pass on the enthusiasm for health and fitness. 

Without Mums’ Team I would never have set up a fitness class, and I doubt that I would have taken the step to get a group of mums together to be active. I was already a confident person before Mums’ Team but the project has made me more confident in my own abilities to see something through. Knowing that I am doing something good with my time that is making a positive impact in my community also brings a sense of pride & satisfaction. 

Now with my new role as a mentor I am motivated and excited about getting more mums to take part in the project and to continue to make it a success. 


2 thoughts on “Mums’ Team | Why I Think It’s Brilliant”

  1. Hi, I love the sound of this and would love to start one in my area. Do you have any advice about becoming a trainer etc.. and funding?
    Many thanks 😊


    1. Hi Davina,
      Where is that you live? The Yorkshire Sport Foundation covers South and West Yorkshire.
      It might be worth contacting your local sports trust to see if they offer anything similar. Xx


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