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Dear Charlie | This Is For You

18th July 2017

Just back from our first family holiday in almost 2 years, and I am feeling somewhat re-motivated and refreshed (if not somewhat exhausted – you have your second to last molar coming through and its effecting your sleep).

Along with the ‘just back from holiday’ feeling, I recently read the following extract from my new favourite book, The Daily Stoic, by Ryan Holiday:



As a two-year old, this quote could be a little advanced for your understanding, but it has an important message that I try to remember with everything that I do. What am I doing and why am I doing it? While I am taking a career break to be home with you, I have also taken some qualifications in fitness and nutrition, I am a volunteer for two organisations, I share information to inspire mums to look after their wellbeing, and I am soon to be involved in a photoshoot to encourage mums to love their post-baby bodies. All of those things are consistent with values that I care about. Another ‘project’ that I set up last year was this blog.

When I first started my blog at the beginning of 2016, my first two posts explained the purpose of my blog – primarily to recount funny stories as I adjusted to life as a mum, to entertain the reader and to give them something they could maybe relate too. And while I still think that this is a perfectly good purpose for having a blog, I become more aware of the numerous “mummy blogs” out there that are far better at providing entertaining accounts of family life than I am. I have neglected my blog a lot this year, it just hasn’t been a priority, and I think that this is simply down to my losing a sense of the purpose of the blog.

Now, I have a new purpose for posting – you, Charlie. I want to write posts, addressing you as the only reader – imagining that you are reading this when you are an adult. I came upon the idea when I recently read another book, in which the main character sadly lost her mother when she was very young. When the character turned 30, she found that her mother had written her a letter that she could open on every single one of her birthdays. From the letters she learned about who her mum was, her inner thoughts, her fears and hopes, along with stories of their days spent together before she sadly passed away.

As morbid as this sounds, it made me aware of the scary fact that when you are older you won’t remember the first couple of years of your life. And believe me, this time that we are in now is amazing. Aside from the typical challenges of the “terrible-twos”, our days are mostly full of fun and laughter.

Thanks to mobile phones you will have literally millions of photos to look back on, but I want to give you insights that go beyond a photograph.  That is why I have decided that this blog is for you. It’s for you to find out more about your mum and dad and the stories behind the photographs.

And if you never actually read this blog – then if nothing else, it will have been a place for me to record the days of your childhood so that I can look back on them myself.

All my love, forever and ever.

Your Mummy



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