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Straight after breakfast this morning we cranked up the heating and whipped off the nappy. Potty training attempt 1 here we go….
Day 1 went really well. Charlie can hold his wee I’ll give him that!! I took off his nappy at 9am and he did his first wee at 12:40! And it was on the potty! πŸ™Œ


I instigated it by suggesting he sit on it while I get his favourite tractor ted DVD, and there may have been a promise of a chocolate button if he were to manage a wee πŸ™Š – some say not to do this but I say do what works – I’ve got stickers too but Charlie really is not bothered by them.
So he did his wee and he was soooo proud! We flushed it away and washed our hands. He kept saying what a big boy he is πŸ‘πŸ» so far so good!
The next wee came at 4:30, and that one was on the kitchen floor. Charlie’s reaction was to stand back, point at the puddle and say “OOPS!” 

I just said not to worry accidents happen and next time we can try and get it in the potty 🀞🏻
Charlie took up position on the potty one last time before bed but didn’t produce anything. I’ve put him in a nappy for bed and he’s in the land of nod now.
Tomorrow will be much of the same – potty close by, nothing on his bottom half, cleaning products to hand, lots of praise and rewards on standby. The toughest part about today was staying home ALL DAY!!! We never spend whole days at home so I’m trying my best to keep him entertained.
How am I feeling at the end of day one? Proud of Charlie for doing a wee and proud of myself for staying strong when he asked for his nappy. It’s been tough making him do something out of his comfort zone; taking away his nappies that he’s been wearing for 2.5years feels like I’m stripping him of a comforter. 
At the end of day one:

β€’ number of wees on the potty = 1

β€’ number of wees on the floor = 1
I’ll take that! πŸ‘πŸ»


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