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Last week I did a few things I have never done in my life- 1. Travelled to London on the train by myself 2. Walked the streets of london alone 3. Stayed in a hotel by myself 4. Starred in a video that will be one of 4 to air in October for the Let's… Continue reading MUMMY GOES TO LONDON 🇬🇧

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New Year | No Resolutions, just self improvement | 2017

If 2016 taught me anything, it is that time passes by so quickly. Memories that seems just a few months ago were actually years ago. I'm getting older, my friends are getting older, my parents are getting older.  I haven't made any "resolutions" this year but I do plan on focusing on self improvement and… Continue reading New Year | No Resolutions, just self improvement | 2017

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Autumn months | Tips to stay motivated & energised.

So it's that time of year where the clocks have changed, the evenings are darker and the cold weather makes you want to hibernate underneath warm snuggly blankets whilst stuffing your face with comfort food.  Autumn is my favourite season but I struggle with my levels of energy and motivation like a lot of people… Continue reading Autumn months | Tips to stay motivated & energised.

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July | Finding Balance | Slow progress

So it's August already, where is time going. July was a really good month for us, very busy and lots of fun. Charlie developed so much over the last month, he's 15 months old now and in July he started walking independently. It's so good to see his independence growing. He seems to have picked… Continue reading July | Finding Balance | Slow progress

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New Years Resolutions 

You may well be thinking "What? New Years resolutions? It's May!" Well I want to revisit the resolutions that I set at the beginning of 2016. How many of us, without looking at any written list, could remember exactly the resolutions that we made just 5 months ago? How many resolutions have you stuck too?… Continue reading New Years Resolutions 

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Super Sets and Drop Sets | Maximising My Time

Currently I am working out 3 times per week, this seems to be the most realistic for me at the moment as life as a mummy is getting busier as Charlie gets older. Once a week I make it in to the gym, the other two workouts I am doing at home with my Dumbbells… Continue reading Super Sets and Drop Sets | Maximising My Time

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Top 5 Favourites from March

In this post I will go over the top 5 things that I currently find to be most useful, what I have enjoyed and what has helped me to be more productive. 1. Trond DASH V4.1 Bluetooth headphones.    These headphones are fantastic, easy to hook up to Bluetooth on your phone or tablet and… Continue reading Top 5 Favourites from March


Momentum | Reprogramming Your Mind

When I was pregnant so many people told me how my life would change, and they were so right. But they would always dwell on the negatives. "Oh you won't have a social life anymore", "you won't be able to keep up with your fitness - you won't have the energy", "you won't have time… Continue reading Momentum | Reprogramming Your Mind

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Be The Greatest

It has been a week since I last blogged - not because of writers block but because it has been quite a week. First off I came down with a cold, something that I never used to suffer from but since having Charlie I come down hard with them. So I haven't really been doing… Continue reading Be The Greatest

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Strive For Simplicity

STRIVE FOR SIMPLICITY FOCUS ON POSITIVITY VALUE AUTHENTICITY BE PRESENT HUSTLE I came across this quote today and really liked it. As I get older I definitely find myself striving for simplicity, in all areas of my life. Over-complicating things can lead to an undesirable result; by keeping things simple you can stay focused on… Continue reading Strive For Simplicity