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Last week I did a few things I have never done in my life- 1. Travelled to London on the train by myself 2. Walked the streets of london alone 3. Stayed in a hotel by myself 4. Starred in a video that will be one of 4 to air in October for the Let's… Continue reading MUMMY GOES TO LONDON 🇬🇧

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Charlie Goes Swimming

Thursday 27th July 2017 It's a lovely sunny day and Charlie, Mummy, Auntie Kim and Baby Eloise are at the swimming pool. "Charlie, lets put our things in this locker and go for a swim" says Mummy. "Nooooooooooooooooo!" cries Charlie, "UP UP!!" Mummy picks up Charlie and explains that we are going to have fun… Continue reading Charlie Goes Swimming

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Compassion and passion, two traits that I value most and that I try to exhibit every day.  With recent tragic happenings in the news, one thing that stands out about the response of the majority, is the presence of compassion. Compassion for neighbours, for strangers and for fellow human beings. Events may not effect us… Continue reading COMpassion

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Dear Charlie | Toddler Adventures 1.0

Friday 26th May 2017 The day started in the usual way, Mummy came in to your room at 7:15am to be greeted by you bouncing up and down in your cot, you then proceeded to throw your dummy across the room - the definitive signal that you are ready to get out of bed and… Continue reading Dear Charlie | Toddler Adventures 1.0

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My son at 13 months.

It's a little while since I have written about Charlie, his routine or development. I find that the older he gets, the less reassurance I need that I am doing "a good job". When Charlie was newborn I was constantly seeking advice on what others were doing in terms of parenting, and how other children… Continue reading My son at 13 months.

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New Years Resolutions 

You may well be thinking "What? New Years resolutions? It's May!" Well I want to revisit the resolutions that I set at the beginning of 2016. How many of us, without looking at any written list, could remember exactly the resolutions that we made just 5 months ago? How many resolutions have you stuck too?… Continue reading New Years Resolutions 


1st Birthday Preparations | What I Wasn’t Prepared For

So in two weeks time my son turns one! I cannot believe how fast this year has gone. I still think of him as my baby but it is starting to sink in that he's a little boy, he's getting more and more independent, he has his own personality, and is no longer a "newborn".… Continue reading 1st Birthday Preparations | What I Wasn’t Prepared For

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Super Sets and Drop Sets | Maximising My Time

Currently I am working out 3 times per week, this seems to be the most realistic for me at the moment as life as a mummy is getting busier as Charlie gets older. Once a week I make it in to the gym, the other two workouts I am doing at home with my Dumbbells… Continue reading Super Sets and Drop Sets | Maximising My Time

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Top 5 Favourites from March

In this post I will go over the top 5 things that I currently find to be most useful, what I have enjoyed and what has helped me to be more productive. 1. Trond DASH V4.1 Bluetooth headphones.    These headphones are fantastic, easy to hook up to Bluetooth on your phone or tablet and… Continue reading Top 5 Favourites from March