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Dear Charlie | This Is For You

18th July 2017 Just back from our first family holiday in almost 2 years, and I am feeling somewhat re-motivated and refreshed (if not somewhat exhausted - you have your second to last molar coming through and its effecting your sleep). Along with the 'just back from holiday' feeling, I recently read the following extract… Continue reading Dear Charlie | This Is For You

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Compassion and passion, two traits that I value most and that I try to exhibit every day.  With recent tragic happenings in the news, one thing that stands out about the response of the majority, is the presence of compassion. Compassion for neighbours, for strangers and for fellow human beings. Events may not effect us… Continue reading COMpassion


Momentum | Reprogramming Your Mind

When I was pregnant so many people told me how my life would change, and they were so right. But they would always dwell on the negatives. "Oh you won't have a social life anymore", "you won't be able to keep up with your fitness - you won't have the energy", "you won't have time… Continue reading Momentum | Reprogramming Your Mind