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Dear Charlie | When Will Peppa’s Parents Tell Her To Shut The **** Up?

27th July 2017

Yesterday was a rare day spent at home, usually we are up and out not long after breakfast but we do have the odd day with nothing planned except pottering around and seeing where the day takes us. It was a rainy day so that put a stop to any plans of a walk – meaning we would literally be indoors……just you and me……..all day……. Now anyone with a toddler is likely to know why that kind of filled me with dread. It’s usually the time when the phone comes out and I start scouring pinterest looking for ideas of how to entertain you.

The at-home days usually start off well. You much prefer toddling around in your pj’s late in to the morning, to my usual demands of “eat your toast – finish your porridge – one more scoop – put that down – come upstairs – let’s get dressed – give me the remote – hurry up – brush your teeth – get your shoes on – stop pretending you need a poo – put that down – turn that off – get in the car……..” etc etc etc.. Of course, I prefer the lazy mornings too, but all of our activities and play dates happen in a morning generally because that is when we both have most energy (as evidenced sometimes by your morning protests).

So what to do on a rainy, stay-in-the-house day; go in the playroom and lounge on a beanbag while you happily play with your toys? Noooooo, the second my bum sinks in to the beans (those pesky, noisy things always make you turn your head at the sound) you come racing towards me, pointed finger shouting “momma up”. If this was a workplace I’d be having you for unfair treatment sometimes; there are no set hours, you don’t allow breaks and sometimes you follow me to the toilet.

Next we turn to housework, your favourite chore is to do the washing. You put the clothes in, and you take the clothes out….in….out…in…out…in…out, until I have to gently suggest that we leave them in the washing machine and actually, wash them. Sometimes you don’t agree this is the best course of action, and sometimes you abandon the job and leave mummy to do it. When the machine beeps you stop what you’re doing and shout “ish-ed!!” You instantly march to the washing machine and commence unloading straight on to the kitchen floor. This is about where your interest in household chores ends.

Chores done, pinterest ideas exhausted, we stick on Peppa Pig. There’s mixed opinion about letting kids watch TV – my opinion is that, as with most things, its fine in moderation. In fact, with Peppa I do find it is brilliant at reinforcing things that you’ve learned, like counting, letters, colours; it’s also great to refer too if something out of the ordinary happens, like a power cut, or a thunderstorm, I can say “remember that happened on Peppa” and it seems to ease your mind a little. And along with the funny references that adults can appreciate, I do find myself absorbed in to their little muddy, pink, animated-world; so much so that while standing at the sink washing pots listening to bossy, know-it-all Peppa yapping on about something, I found myself thinking “when will Peppa’s parents tell her to shut the **** up?!”. That said, I do miss her incessant noise when you are round at Nanna and Grandad’s house.

In The Night Garden……that’s a different thing altogether, yes the characters look cuddly and cute, but what the hell is that show all about? If anyone knows then please tell me! I’ve Googled it on several occasions and no-one seems to know!? Do the writers even know!? Debatable.

Normal service was resumed today and we were up and out after breakfast to go swimming, for the first time in a year, but that’s a topic for another blog.

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