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Down To Our Last 5p | How We Budget


It’s been in the news recently about rising inflation and the increasing cost of living.

In order to control our finances we have been setting ourselves a weekly budget – setting a figure which covers food, petrol & outings to playgroup etc.
We withdraw that figure in cash for the week – I find that having a visual of how much money we have left for the week makes it so much easier to stick with a budget, rather than paying on card where you can’t actually see your money going down.
I did the weekly shop as normal at the end of last week to keep us going until this Friday. 
We are going to be bunkering down in the house now for the rest of the week as we are potty training Charlie (cross your fingers for us! πŸ™ˆ). So I’ve made a final trip to the shops with our last Β£2.85 of this weeks budget to make sure we have all the staples.
What do you and your family do to control your spending & cut down costs?

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